The average sale price of that old cellphone in your drawer is $91.
Stuart Fisher—Prop Styling by Shane Klein
By Neil Parmar
December 3, 2014

Half of consumers say they own at least two unused cellphones. On recycling comparison site, the typical phone sale comes to nearly $100. (Keep in mind that people are more likely to sell valuable phones.) So why isn’t everyone putting old tech on the market? A third of people say they don’t know what to do with it, according to SellCell. Here’s a primer.

Start online: There’s no steadfast rule about where to get the most money for your device, so shop around. Online is the easiest place to start. will buy your item via check, PayPal, or Amazon gift card, while sifts about 25 recycling programs to find a buyer.

Get some credit: Planning to buy a new gadget with your profits? Save a step by swapping your device for a gift card at a Best Buy, Target, Staples, or Walmart store. You can use the retailers’ websites to get a quote, but be warned: It may not match what you’re offered in the store.

Hit the ATM: For fast cash, try an “ecoATM,” says Euromonitor analyst Tim Barrett. These machines, in 1,100 locations in 44 states, analyze your device, then spit out up to $300 (you can also choose to donate a portion to charity). See locations at

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