The Guinness Float
Martin Burns—Flickr Creative Commons
By Brad Tuttle
March 16, 2015

The best way to enjoy a Guinness Stout is the traditional one: Just drink it by the pint, after it’s been poured perfectly from the tap, of course.

For some people, however, being limited to merely drinking Guinness doesn’t cut it. That goes doubly around St. Patrick’s Day, when revelers—not to mention chefs, restaurant owners, and marketers—go looking for creative new methods for consuming Ireland’s favorite alcoholic beverage. The Internet is loaded with recipes incorporating Guinness far beyond a basic lamb stew that you can try out in your own kitchen. You can also check out some of the unusual Guinness-flavored creations that appear on restaurant menus right about now, such as these:

Guinness Pizza: $13
Frasca’s Pizzera & Wine Bar in Chicago offers a Guinness pizza on the menu exactly once a year—St. Patrick’s Day. The crust, which incorporates Guinness for flavor, is thin, and the pizza comes with bacon, roasted onions, potatoes, and a sunny-side up egg on top. Interestingly, there’s also a restaurant franchise called Guinness Pizza, based in Brazil.

Guinness Cupcake: $3.25
There are hundreds of options on the menu of the Yummy Cupcakes franchise, including one with Guinness used in the batter, glaze, and whipped cream, with green sprinkled sugar to top it off. Fresh Cupcakes in South Carolina, meanwhile, serves its limited-time-only Guinness cupcake with Bailey’s cream cheese icing.

Guinness Burger: $11
The faux Irish restaurant-pub chain Bennigan’s puts a Guinness glaze on a burger served with fried onions, cheddar cheese, and Applewood smoked bacon.

Guinness Donut: $3 and Up
Donut makers have created seemingly every random flavor under the sun, and yes, that includes adding Guinness Stout to the mix. Dynamo Donut & Coffee in San Francisco has a seasonal Molasses Guinness donut, which includes Guinness-poached pears and a Guinness glaze. The Frozen Kuhsterd food truck in California has come up with a Guinness Pear Dynamo Donut Sandwich. BLD Restaurant in Los Angeles has been known to make Guinness Caramel donuts, though lately the Irish donut of choice is the Jameson Chocolate; the dessert menu features Guinness ice cream pie ($8) and Guinness milk shakes ($10) as well.

Guinness Ice Cream Float: $10
Among other places to find a hint (or more) of Guinness incorporated into ice cream, the Lobby Lounge inside the JW Marriott in Chicago is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by offering a vanilla bean and Guinness ice cream float with an Irish soda bread cookie on the side.

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