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By Susie Poppick
December 24, 2015

Hyatt, the Chicago-based hotel chain, announced Wednesday that it had discovered a virus on computers used to process payments for some of its hotel locations.

The company cautioned that guests should review their credit-card account statements carefully and report any unauthorized charges immediately.

“As soon as Hyatt discovered the activity, the company launched an investigation and engaged leading third-party cyber security experts,” Hyatt wrote in a statement.

Hyatt joins a number of other hotel businesses that have recently been compromised by hackers, including Hilton Worldwide, Mandarin Oriental, and Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. A recent study actually found that most big hotel chains have vulnerable computer systems.

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If you have stayed with Hyatt, review your credit-card statement right away for any unusual activity. Most card companies won’t hold you liable for fraudulent charges—and even if they do, the maximum you could get dinged is only $50, by law.

Hyatt will be posting updates regarding its investigation at Concerned customers can also call 1-877-218-3036. The chain says it “has taken steps to strengthen the security of its systems” since the hacking.

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