By Alicia Adamczyk
September 26, 2016

It started with Mark Cuban, Michael Bloomberg, Meg Whitman, and Warren Buffett. Now, other billionaires are jumping on the Hillary-Clinton-for-President bandwagon.

Bloomberg reports that 17 people on its Billionaires Index have collectively donated over $21 million to the Democratic nominee. Republican nominee Donald Trump, meanwhile, has received a little over $1 million from 12 billionaire donors.

Hedge funder George Soros is Clinton’s biggest billionaire backer, contributing more than $11 million. He’s followed by fellow hedge fund owner James Simons, director Steven Spielberg, and Walmart heiress Alice Walton. Trump’s billionaire supporters include American Homes 4 Rent co-founder Bradley Wayne Hughes, Sr. and his daughter Tamara Hughes Gustavson, as well as GOP donor mainstays Carl Icahn and Sheldon Adelson.

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Republican donors David and Charles Koch, the fifth and sixth richest people in the U.S., according to Bloomberg’s index, have refused to endorse Trump or donate to his campaign.

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