140619_her07_16Marne Dunn

Age: 43
Hometown: El Dorado Hills
Cause: Digital and financial literacy for homeless women

Though they grew up below the poverty line, the Dunn family always volunteered. When Marne Dunn joined Intel in 1996, she continued the tradition, trying out several non-profits before discovering Women’s Empowerment, which helps homeless Sacramento-area women find a job and a home for their family. “I saw women who were like my mother,” Dunn explains. “I was hooked from the first day.” For eight years she’s been running a six-week program four times a year, preparing women for further education or the workforce and teaching computer literacy. “We discuss why it’s important to be online, and I introduce them to the Internet and teach them to use a mouse.” In 2013, 90% of her students got a job or enrolled in a school.

Says Dunn:

Whether you’re trying to sign up for healthcare or get a GED, if you’re not computer literate, you’re shut out.”

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