140619_HER07_371William Folmar

Age: 77
Hometown: Millsboro
Cause: Aid for veterans

He spent 22 years in the military before becoming a postmaster, so when Folmar retired, volunteering for his local American Legion seemed a natural fit. For 13 years, usually once a week, Folmar has risen at 5:45 to pick up veterans in a 7- or 11-person van, drive them 185 miles round trip to the Wilmington VA Medical Center, wait for them, then drop them home around 2:00 in the afternoon. If these men and women had to hire a car, the trip would cost $250 each way. By now, Folmar not only knows his passengers, he knows the hospital personnel. “It’s beneficial for everyone,” he says. Folmar also trains new volunteers and puts them through driving tests.

Says Folmar:

I’m not the only person here. This is a ‘we’ job, not an ‘I’ job. I have to thank everyone on behalf of the program. Everyone can use a pat on the back.”

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