West Virginia

140619_HER07_40Dayton Carpenter

Age: 65
Hometown: Charleston
Cause: Home repair for the elderly

In 1994, Carpenter first got a taste of building something for others when he led a team of 3,000 volunteers to create a two-acre playground outside a Charleston school. Constructing, in just six days, the wooden jungle-gym — which still stands today — led him to launch a local chapter of Rebuilding Together two years later. The organization provides home repairs for the elderly in need. Fixing roofs, water pipes, or heaters, he’s aided by over 1,500 annual volunteers. The semi-retired environmental engineer estimates that the Rebuilding Together affiliate fixes about 150 houses per year, providing more than $5 million in upgrades to over 1,700 homes since 1996.

Says Carpenter:

I have a strong compassion for homeowners, particularly elderly woman or men on fixed income. These people want to stay in their homes, and that’s why we do what we do.”

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