46. Bensalem, Pa.

Population: 60,512
Census Region: Northeast
Median Family Income: $77,730
Median Home Price: $205,000
Average Property Taxes: $4,192
Projected Job Growth: 2.1%
Courtesy of Bensalem Township

Think Bucks County, Pa., is just a rural escape for East Coast city-dwellers? The township of Bensalem, located on the southeastern tip of Bucks County, has access to stunning state parks, sure, but also has plenty of urban attractions, from gambling and horse-racing at the Parx Casino and Racetrack to shooting on the ranges of the Philadelphia Gun Club and attending concerts at the TD Bank Amphitheater.

Bensalem is also known for its strong Jewish community; the Jewish Outreach Center includes a Hebrew school, a shul, and a Torah study center. The local job market benefits from the presence of Fortune 1000 company Charming Shoppes as well as Ibanez Guitars and Tama Drums, but many Bensalem residents also work (and eat the legendary cheese steak) in downtown Philadelphia, just under a half hour away.

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