Best for Convenience

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You should usually choose a bank based on account fees, interest rates, and customer service—all the factors MONEY considered when picking its best banks. On those fronts, the very biggest U.S. banks fall far short.

Yet convenience is another matter. If you move around regularly and never, ever want to deal with an out-of-network ATM—yet also want the ease and personal touch of branch service— you may in fact be best served by one of the jumbo players, which excel in number and location of branches and ATMs.

In that group, JPMorgan Chase is your best option. It has the most owned and operated ATMs (16,192), as well as a broad footprint—5,321 branches in 23 states—and easy access, with branches open an average of 50 hours a week. (The big-bank average is 46.) Users give its mobile apps an average 4.6 out of five stars. —Megan Leonhardt and Alicia Adamczyk

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