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When I was in my early 20s, a college friend blew my mind when she told me she was working on amassing $1 million for retirement. We had just started our careers, and I hadn’t given any thought to what would happen when mine ended. What’s more, $1 million seemed like a huge sum at the time. (It doesn’t any more, at least not in the context of supporting a decades-long retirement.) But I wasn’t completely clueless when I was first starting out -- at least I contributed to my company 401(k). And starting early pays dividends when it comes to saving enough for a comfortable retirement. Today’s featured story explores how much you need to save each month, starting at various ages, to reach $1 million by age 65. While the burden grows bigger as time goes on, it’s never too late to start. And if $1 million seems like an impossible goal, don’t give up: something saved is still much better than nothing saved.

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Here’s How to Save $1 Million by 65 No Matter How Old You Are Now

Start early to avoid playing catch-up.

How I Created a $2.6 Million Beauty Brand in Retirement

My age is my greatest asset.

5 Easy Ways to Save Money Filing Taxes

Be organized.


I’ll be finishing up Second-Act Careers this weekend, in time for our book talk next Tuesday with the author, Nancy Collamer, at 1pm ET in our Retire with Money Facebook group. Join us!


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