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December 21, 2017

Aarke Premium Stainless Steel Carbonator

Bubble up your beverages in the sleekest way possible with this shiny machine that uses SodaStream canisters and makes a gorgeous addition to any counter top.

BUY IT! $199.95,

Il Mulino Pasta

One of New York City’s most beloved Italian restaurants is now shipping their noodles (and sauces!) nationwide, with a beautifully al dente texture that proves not all pasta is created equal. You can buy it in rigatoni, fusilli, bucatini or penne form.

BUY IT! $11,

Food Network Copper-Plated Whisk

In our opinion, a good, sturdy whisk is one of the most underrated kitchen tools—and this one is not only beautiful, but functional. Copper actually facilitates aeration, making for super fluffy eggs or a whipped cream that comes together in no time.

BUY IT! $11.24,

ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide

This cooking method is a favorite among chefs for a reason. In oversimplified terms, the futuristic-looking gadget allows you to perfectly cook just about anything, and it does that by maintaining a consistent water temperature, which you can control from your phone (did we mention it’s futuristic?). You can literally decide how you want your steak cooked, pop the meat in a bag, drop the bag in the water, add your Sous Vide and boom, you’re a chef. Any wannabe kitchen pro would be delighted to receive this.

BUY IT! $159,

The Bacon Toaster

Okay, maybe this isn’t the most necessary kitchen tool ever…but we tested it out of curiosity, and it totally works (even if you have to give it a few test runs to get the temperature right first). Any bacon lover in your life will be thrilled! Plus, it does save you room on the stovetop to whip up a full breakfast spread.

BUY IT! $26,

Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker


You probably already know what a great gift a Keurig makes, but this new model takes things to a new level. The K-Select comes with a “stronger brew” button in case you’re in need of a jolt. The compact design doesn’t take up too much space on your counter, and it comes in a gorgeous vintage red color (it’s also available in matte black) for a festive, fun look for the holidays.

BUY IT! $84.99;

Chandon California 2017 Winter Collection


These bottles of bubbly have the same quality rosé and brut you know and trust from Chandon but come in a limited-edition design by Rebecca Minkoff. They make a great hostess gift (you don’t even have to wrap them!) or the perfect sparkly addition to a New Year’s Eve party.

BUY IT! From $26 per bottle;

More Fancy Booze!

Disaronno; VIVA XXXII

If you’re shopping for someone who prefers the harder stuff, here are two gorgeous (and affordable!) bottles that we’re loving right now. This year, Disaronno partnered up with fashion brand Missoni for a colorful design on their classic almond liqueur. For the tequila connoisseur, newcomer VIVA XXXII offers a smooth sip that rivals its most high-end competitors.

BUY IT! Disaronno: $27.99, retailers nationwide; VIVA XXIII Joven Tequila: $40, retailers nationwide or online.

HealthyFry Air Fryer

These healthy cooking gadgets are all the rage with now, but this version doesn’t just air fry (read: make us feel less guilty about eating French fries); it also has settings for baking, roasting and grilling. Bonus: This one takes up just a little over one square foot on the counter, which is key for a friend with a small kitchen.

BUY IT! $199.95;

Williams Sonoma Present Chocolate Cake

Layers of decadent chocolate cake beautifully wrapped in red make the most delicious gift—and you don’t even have to mention that it’s not homemade.

BUY IT! $53.99,

Madewell x Milk Bar Cookie Pocket Tee


Know someone who loves cozy t-shirts and cookies? This is for them. The off-white, ultra-soft shirt—which is part of a collaboration with pastry genius Christina Tosi—has a loose but not-too-boxy fit and a cute design you’ll want to eat right up.

BUY IT! $45;

Russell Hobbs Retro Style 4-Slice Toaster

Vintage…so adorable. This toaster is not only retro-chic, but highly functional. It even has a special bagel setting that toasts the top side while simply warming the bottom!

BUY IT! $99.99,

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