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By Andrew Lisa / GoBankingRates
September 23, 2016

When it comes to salaries, quarterbacks are high earners among NFL players, bringing in millions each year off lucrative contracts, plus endorsement deals. With the 2016 season underway, ranked the 20 richest NFL quarterbacks according to net worth — which is a measure of wealth — and factors like NFL salary cap and individual salaries for the season.

Here’s a look at the NFL’s top quarterbacks, their earnings and net worths.

Robert Griffin III Net Worth: $13 Million

Team: Cleveland Browns

Known as RG3, Cleveland quarterback Robert Griffin III suffered a shoulder injury that could force him to miss the rest of the season. But while his shoulder might be hurting —his wallet sure isn’t. He has a two-year, $15 million contract paying out an average salary of $7.5 million. This year’s cap hit sits at just around $5 million for the Browns QB.

Andy Dalton Net Worth: $15 Million

Team: Cincinnati Bengals

Andy Dalton is locked into a six-year, $96 million contract with the Bengals, earning him an average annual salary of $16 million. This year’s cap hit reaches just over $9 million. Though his base salary sits at just under $1 million, Dalton earned a $5.1 million roster bonus.

Andrew Luck Net Worth: $20 Million

Team: Indianapolis Colts

Of all the 2016 NFL quarterback salaries, Colts QB Andrew Luck boasts the year’s biggest contract, according to The No. 1 overall draft pick of 2012 signed a five-year deal that pays him just shy of $123 million, of which $87 million is guaranteed. This year, he sees an $18.4 million cap hit.

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Matt Ryan Net Worth: $20 Million

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan’s $103.75 million contract makes him one of the highest-paid players in the NFL. The three-time Pro Bowler scored an overall $28 million signing bonus and is paid an average annual salary of $20.75 million. He is guaranteed $42 million.

Colin Kaepernick Net Worth: $25 Million

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Controversial San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick signed a contract that pays him $114 million over six years. His average salary of $19 million per year includes an overall $12.33 million signing bonus. He’s guaranteed $61 million until he becomes a free agent in 2021.

Matt Cassel Net Worth: $30 Million

Team: Tennessee Titans

Formerly with the Cowboys, Matt Cassel now finds himself in a one-year, $2 million contract with the Titans. This year, he sees a $750,000 signing bonus and $1.25 million base salary. In 2017, Cassel becomes a free agent.

Mark Sanchez Net Worth: $30 Million

Team: Dallas Cowboys

The 2009 first round draft pick was picked up by the Cowboys for a one-year, $2 million contract. He’ll play backup quarterback for Tony Romo, who suffers from a broken bone in his back this season.

Matt Schaub Net Worth: $30 Million

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Formerly with the Ravens, Matt Schaub inked a one-year contract with the Falcons that pays out $2.75 million. Originally drafted by the Falcons in 2004 to play backup for former Falcons star Michael Vick, Schaub bounced around the league, returning to Atlanta, where he is considered among the best backups in the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers Net Worth: $30 Million

Team: Green Bay Packers

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is guaranteed $54 million as part of a five-year, $110 million contract that runs through 2019. This year, he sees a $19.25 million cap hit, including an $11.5 million base salary.

Jay Cutler Net Worth: $40 Million

Team: Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler signed a massive seven-year, $126.7 million contract with the Bears. He earns an average salary of $18.1 million. This year, he boasts a $17 million cap hit, with a $16 million base salary to boot.

Russell Wilson Net Worth: $45 Million

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson pulls in an average annual salary of $21.9 million as part of a four-year, $87.6 million contract. This year, he picks up a $12.34 million base salary, plus a $6.2 million signing bonus.

Cam Newton Net Worth: $45 Million

Team: Carolina Panthers

Super Bowl runner-up Cam Newton led the Panthers to a 15-1 regular season in 2015, earning him league MVP. He signed a five-year, $103.8 million contract with the Panthers, which pays out an average salary of $20.76 million and an overall signing bonus of $22.5 million.

Philip Rivers Net Worth: $50 Million

Team: San Diego Chargers

Five-time Pro Bowler Philip Rivers has spent his 13-year career as the quarterback of the Chargers. He is currently in a four-year, $83.25 million contract that guarantees him $65 million. This year, he sees a $16.5 million cap hit.

Drew Brees Net Worth: $55 Million

Team: New Orleans Saints

Sixteen-year veteran Drew Brees is a fixture of the Saints, and he’s guaranteed every penny of his one-year contract. This year earns him a $13 million base salary and a $6 million signing bonus.

Joe Flacco Net Worth: $55 Million

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has a lucrative three-year, $66.4 million contract, with $44 million guaranteed. He’ll become a free agent in 2022.

Tony Romo Net Worth: $60 Million

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Boasting an enormous six-year, $108 million contract, Tony Romo might be sitting on the sidelines for much of this season, but he won’t be going home empty-handed. His contract offers $55 million guaranteed, with an $8.5 million base salary and $1.64 million signing bonus for 2016 alone.

Carson Palmer Net Worth: $60 Million

Team: Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals QB Carson Palmer sits on a one-year, $24.35 million contract this year. He earns a base salary of $7.15 million this year on top of a $4.25 million signing bonus. His cap hit this year is $20.13 million.

Ben Roethlisberger Net Worth: $70 Million

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Thirteen-year NFL veteran Ben Roethlisberger signed a four-year, $87.4 million contract that guarantees $31 million. His cap hit for 2016 is $23.95 million.

Eli Manning Net Worth: $100 Million

Team: New York Giants

Among the highest-paid and richest players in the league, quarterback Eli Manning has a four-year, $84 million contract with the Giants. He’ll see an overall signing bonus of $31 million, with this year’s signing bonus earning him $6.2 million on top of a $17.5 million base salary.

Tom Brady Net Worth: $180 Million

Team: New England Patriots

With two MVP titles, four Super Bowl rings and 11 trips to the Pro Bowl, Tom Brady is arguably the greatest quarterback ever to play the game. He has a reasonable contract inked with the Patriots, which pays out $41 million over two years. His 2016 cap hit is $13.76 million, with a $13 million signing bonus.

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