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By Jeff Yeager / GoBankingRates
March 15, 2016

There’s an old saying among fellow cheapskates: “Free is my favorite price.” Fortunately, there are many great free things to be had, you just have to know where to look. Click through to see 75 great freebies.

1. Factory Tours

If you’re looking for some offbeat family fun, there are hundreds of companies across the country that offer free tours of their factories and other facilities. Often, they’ll even throw in some free samples of their goods. From ice cream and candy factories, to breweries and guitar factories, you can find a nationwide directory of factory tours on

2. Italian Ice

For the past 20 years, Rita’s Italian Ice locations have been giving away free Italian ice to celebrate the first day of spring, no purchase necessary. Just stop by your local Rita’s on Sunday, March 20, between noon and 9 p.m.

3. Parents Magazine Subscription

You can get a free subscription to Parents Magazine through Beware, as websites offering free magazine subscriptions often try to sell you subscriptions to other magazines in the process. Just keep declining those offers and click on through. Bonus: Parents Magazine usually contains some good coupons for families on a budget.

4. Birthday Golf

More than 100 U.S. golf courses will let you play a free round of golf on your birthday, often in exchange for joining their free loyalty clubs. You can find a directory of participating golf courses on

5. Vision and Hearing Tests

Although they’re not a substitute for tests performed by a qualified health care professional, free online vision and hearing tests can help you gauge your acuity while providing some valuable educational information and health tips. Plus, they’re kind of fun. You can take free tests on sites like and

6. Kleenex Care Pack

Here’s a pretty clever — and free — way to tell someone you’re thinking about them. Rather than sending a greeting card to someone who’s feeling under the weather or a little blue, Kleenex will send them a free small package of tissues with a customized message. You can find it on

7. Comic Books

You can download and read thousands of free comic books from top publishers on Also, May 7, 2016, is Free Comic Book Day, when more than 6 million comic books will be given away for free at participating retail outlets. You can find out where the free comics are that day on

8. Firewood

If you need firewood for your fireplace or wood stove, try calling local tree service companies. They often have logs and limbs from trees they’ve cut down that they’re willing to drop off at your house for free. Otherwise, they have to pay to dump them somewhere, particularly for companies in urban and suburban areas. Note: Some cutting and splitting might be required on your part once the logs arrive.

9. Software

If you love Microsoft Office, but don’t love paying for the software — there’s a free alternative out there. Apache OpenOffice, at, offers a free suite of open-source software for word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, presentations, databases and more.

10. Hardware

If you’re handy around the house, or aspire to be, you can sign up for Ace Hardware’s Ace Rewards program. You’ll earn 10 reward points for every dollar you spend, and 2,500 points will get you a $5 reward credit.

11. Tax-Free Shopping Days

Many states have designated tax-free weekends, when you can avoid paying sales tax on qualifying purchases. lists all the tax-free shopping days nationwide.

12. Event Admission

From county fairs to music and film festivals, most special events rely on a corps of volunteers to get the work done. As a perk, most such events give volunteers free admission to the event in exchange for their service.

13. Designated Drivers

If you’ve had too much to drink and you don’t already have a designated driver, there are nonprofit organizations in many areas that will get you and your vehicle home safely, often for free or a nominal charge. has a nationwide directory of designated driver services.

14. Online Personality Test

There’s a fun little online test at It takes only 10 to 15 minutes and reveals which of the 16 distinct personality types best captures your true essence as an individual. The site promises to deliver a “‘freakishly accurate’ description of who you are and why you do things the way you do.”

15. Birthday Burger

Sign up for Ruby Tuesday’s free newsletter and birthday club, and you’ll receive a coupon for a free burger a week or so before your birthday. However, just make sure you sign up more than seven business days before your birthday, otherwise you won’t receive a birthday coupon until next year.

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16. Online Jigsaw Puzzles

There’s not much point to buying a jigsaw puzzle if you’re only going to put it together once and then store it for eternity in the closet. Especially when sites like let you put together hundreds of online puzzles for free. Better yet, they’ll take up no closet space.

17. National Doughnut Day

It’s confirmed that National Doughnut Day this year will be on Friday, June 3. What’s not yet known is which retailers will participate. Last year, Dunkin’ Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Tim Hortons and many others offered free donuts on this special day. So keep your eyes — and mouth — open as the Big Doughnut Day approaches.

18. Tax Return Preparation

IRS-certified volunteers provide free tax return preparation and advice to qualifying individuals — including taxpayers who are elderly, disabled or lower income. The IRS has a checklist to help ensure you have all the required documents and information so you can get your tax help.

19. Gym Membership Pass

AnytimeFitness, with over 3,000 locations nationwide, offers a free seven-day pass to check out their facilities. The offer is for new customers only, and although passes typically last for seven days, it can vary by location.

20. Seeds and Plants

Gardening can be a fun hobby and save you a bunch of money on your grocery bill, particularly if you can get the seeds and plants for free. Find plant and seed “swaps” on, where you trade plants and seeds with other gardeners. If you’re a novice gardener without anything to trade, attend a swap and you’ll likely walk away with a lot of freebies.

21. Toy Libraries

At the rate kids lose interest in toys, it might make better sense to just borrow toys for free rather than buy them. Toy libraries have long been popular in Europe, and now they’re finally catching on here in the U.S. You can find the nationwide directory on

22. Birthday at Benihana

Register for The Chef’s Table loyalty program at Benihana, and you’ll get a $30 gift certificate from the restaurant during the month of your birthday. There are some terms and restrictions — including the need to purchase a full-priced adult entrée when redeeming the certificate — but it’s still a tasty deal.

23. Coloring Pages for Adults

Coloring books have always been popular with kids, but now adults are using coloring as a way to reduce stress and anxiety, while satisfying their creative side. Download free coloring pages for adults on

24. Coloring Pages for Kids

Adults don’t have to be the only ones who have fun. Kids can also find free coloring pages on a number of websites, including and

25. Free Samples

Websites offering free samples of everything from health and beauty products, to snack foods and ballpoint pens, abound on the internet. However, many require you to fill out a survey, send in receipts or clip coupons. According to couponing website, three of the better free sample sites are, and

26. Birthday Steak Dinner

Get a free steak dinner on your birthday and a free dessert at Black Angus Steakhouse by signing up for its Prime Club. Purchases are required in conjunction with both free offers. The free dessert offer expires 30 days after the date the offer is emailed to you, and the free birthday dinner offer is good from one week before your birthday to three weeks after.

27. 11 Eggs

Always open the carton at the grocery store to make sure that all 12 eggs are intact before you buy a dozen eggs. If you find a cracked egg, it could be good luck: If you alert the grocer to the imperfect dozen, they might just give you the damaged dozen for free, rather than discarding them.

28. Kids’ Meals

Just because you’re taking the family out to eat doesn’t mean you have to break your budget. In fact, many restaurants will let kids eat for free. lists more than 5,000 restaurants where your kids can eat for free, or at a reduced rate, when accompanied by an adult.

29. Fishing Days

Most states have a Free Fishing Day, when anglers can cast their lines without needing to buy a fishing license. The exact dates vary by state — although in 2016, many states have declared June 4 Free Fishing Day. has a complete list of those dates in the U.S.

30. Pet Treats

Sign up for Petco’s Pals Rewards program — it’s free. You’ll receive special offers and discounts, earn reward dollars to use toward purchases — and your pet will even get some special free treats on their birthday.

31. Trade Your Old Things

If you have a bunch of things you want to get rid of, here’s one creative option. lets you to give away things you no longer need in exchange for points that you can then use to bid on other things on the site.

32. E-Greeting Cards

Websites like and let you personalize and send e-greeting cards for any occasion and for free. Some e-cards now even allow you to include a personal voice message.

33. Kids’ Greeting Cards

American Greetings offers a really cool free tablet app — the Creatacard. It lets kids design their own greeting cards that the company can then professionally print and mail for them.

34. Foreign Language Courses

The BBC offers free audio and visual tools that can help you learn dozens of different languages. It also includes a helpful section on foreign language mishaps, so you can avoid making those same mistakes. The site has been archived and is no longer being updated, but the language learning resources are still available.

35. Foreign Language Translation

You don’t need to speak a foreign language in order to communicate in one. Free online translators let you translate your words into dozens of different languages and translate foreign prose back into English. Some of the popular translators include:, and

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36. Birthday Ice Cream

Sign up for Baskin Robbins and Ben & Jerry’s e-clubs, and you’ll get a free scoop of ice cream on your birthday. If you join myTCBY’s eClub, you can get a free small cup of frozen yogurt at TCBY stores.

37. Free Cone Day

Ben & Jerry’s has a more than 35-year tradition of sponsoring Free Cone Day at all of its locations. The catch is that the exact date isn’t announced until closer to the annual spring/summer event, so keep an eye on for the big announcement.

38. Annual Credit Reports

Under federal law, you can access your credit report for free from each of the three nationwide credit bureaus — TransUnion, Experian and Equifax — every 12 months. There is only one website,, that is authorized to provide the free annual credit report that you are entitled to receive by law. Other sites might offer a “free credit report” with strings attached, so make sure you go to the right site for the no-strings-attached offer.

39. Storm Water Rebates

Rebates and other incentive programs to reduce storm water runoff are increasingly common among municipal and county governments. Some locations might even offer rebate checks to cover the cost of a rain barrel.

40. Fly Fishing Lessons

Take a free fly fishing class at most Orvis stores and dealers across the country on select dates in April, May and June. Once you complete the classes, you also receive a complimentary membership to fishing conservation organization Trout Unlimited, as well as special in-store offers on Orvis products — a $35 value.

41. E-Books

If you own a Kindle or Nook, you can download tons of e-books for free through the parent companies behind those e-readers — Amazon and Barnes and Noble, respectively. The nonprofit Project Gutenberg, at, has more than 50,000 e-books available for free downloading. Of course, you can also borrow e-books through most public libraries.

42. Audio Books

If you prefer listening to audio books rather than reading, you can download thousands of free audio books from the nonprofit website These are books that are found in the public domain. The recordings are read by volunteers, but the quality is generally high.

43. Birthday Breakfast

Denny’s makes it super easy to score a free Grand Slam Breakfast on your birthday. You just show up with a valid I.D. and chow down.

44. Legal Assistance

People with low to moderate incomes can find free legal aid programs in their community, plus get answers to their legal questions through It’s sponsored by national nonprofit organization Pro Bono Net.

45. Online College Courses

You won’t get college credit for participating in these online college courses, but many prestigious institutions of higher education give you free access to their various online courses, including Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley and Tufts.

46. Movies

Hitbliss is an online marketing service that allows you to earn credits in exchange for watching selected commercials. You can then use the credits to rent on-demand movies on

47. Microsoft Youth Spark Camps

Microsoft hosts free Youth Spark camps across the country to “get kids of all ages coding, creating games and apps, and having a blast in the process.” You can filter through a variety of programs by age, skill level and time frame.

48. Birthday Desserts

Many restaurants offer free dessert to customers celebrating their birthdays, including Applebee’s, Olive Garden and Chili’s. Most require you to sign up for their free e-clubs. In some cases a purchase is required, and other terms and conditions might apply.

49. Knitting, Sewing and Quilting Patterns

If you’re into any form of needle craft, or just want to give it a try, there’s no need to buy patterns. Many websites offer free patterns, including, and

50. Mulch and Woodchips

If you see a public highway crew cutting down trees, brush and limbs in your neighborhood, stop and ask if they’d like dump their load of wood chips at your house instead of hauling them all the way to a public dumpsite. Wood chips are great to use in the garden, flowerbeds and garden paths.

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51. Lodging for Travelers is a worldwide network of more than a half-million folks who will let fellow travelers crash on their couches or in a spare bedroom — for free. The robust website lets hosts and travelers get to know each other in advance.

52. Savings Bonds

Every year, more 15,000 savings bonds are returned to the U.S. Department of Treasury as undeliverable. You might be entitled to claim saving bonds from deceased loved ones or others. Search for free on for savings bonds you might be able to claim.

53. National Park Admission

More than half of America’s national parks never charge admission. Now, to celebrate its 100th birthday in 2016, the National Park Service will open all of its properties for free on 16 days throughout the year.

54. Loaner Tools

Tool libraries are springing up across the country, sometimes as part of an existing public library, where you can borrow tools for free in most cases rather than purchase or rent them. You can find a nationwide directory at

55. Birthday Pretzel

If you join Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Perks Program, you’ll get one of their signature or classic pretzels for free for your birthday. Your freebie will be automatically loaded onto your account on the first day of your birthday month, and will be available to you for 30 days.

56. Harper’s Bazaar Subscription

Get a free one-year subscription to this popular fashion and beauty magazine when you register on the website You’ll receive periodic promotional offers from ValueMags, but you won’t be billed for Harper’s Bazaar, even when the free subscription expires.

57. Weekly Dessert for a Month

Sign up for Captain D’s Seafood Restaurant’s customer loyalty program, D’s Club. You’ll get coupons for free desserts once a week for a month, with the purchase of a regular price meal.

58. Wilderness Camping

If you’re into no-frills wilderness camping, try camping for free at national forests and on public lands managed by a number of other federal agencies. The only requirement is that you follow guidelines for dispersed camping.

59. RV Camping

If your idea of camping involves an RV with all the luxuries, there are various places where you can camp/park for the night for free, including the parking lots at most Walmart stores. You can find other free options for RV camping and parking on

60. National Hot Dog Day

This annual celebration is always held on July 23and inevitably features a lot of free and discounted hot dog deals. Hot dog manufactures and vendors have yet to announce their promotional plans for National Hot Dog Day 2016, but last year Pilot Flying J offered free dogs, while Sonic and 7-Eleven knocked their hot dogs down to a buck.

61. Jewelry offers over 50 pieces of free jewelry, but you need to pay a shipping and processing fee of $6.99 for each free piece you order. They also sell other jewelry at a significant discount.

62. Bagged Produce

You can always tell a cheapskate in the produce section at the grocery store, because they’re the folks taking a minute to weigh a few bags of pre-packaged produce — like bags of potatoes, apples and onions — before deciding which one to buy.

You see, the weight printed on bags of produce (such as a 5-pound bag of potatoes) is the minimum amount each bag must weigh, by law. With a little searching, you can almost always find a bag that weighs more than the minimum weight, but costs just the same.

63. WiFi for Travelers

Getting online for free while you’re traveling is now easier than ever. Free apps, including iVanya, help you find free WiFi service wherever you are, including restaurants, stores, hotels and so on.

64. Root Beer Float

If you’re age 13 or up, you’re old enough to join A&W’s Mug Club. You’ll get a complimentary root beer float on your birthday (or maybe that should be “burp-day”), as well as other monthly offers.

65. Home Karaoke

Karaoke enthusiasts and newbies can download the free KaraFun Player software. That way, you can practice your karaoke mix in the privacy of your own home before your world debut at the local karaoke bar.

66. Apple Summer Camp for Kids

Every summer, Apple Stores host a free three-day workshop for kids age 8-12, where they’ll learn the art of filmmaking by actually doing it. You can sign up to be notified when enrollment for the 2016 camp opens.

67. Birthday Burrito

Sign up for Moe’s Southwest Grill’s eWorld and get a free burrito on your birthday. Allow for a 48-hour processing time to receive your free-burrito coupon. If you need further incentive, you also get a free cup of queso for joining.

68. DIY Home Improvement Clinics

You can save money on home improvements by learning how to do more jobs yourself. Home Depot offers free in-store classes to help you master a wide range of DIY projects. Lowes also offers special workshops for kids.

69. Toys R Us Birthday Club

Sign your child up for Geoffrey’s Birthday Club at Toys R Us, and they’ll receive a birthday card, free gift and even a phone call from the Toys R Us mascot on their special day. If you come into the store on, or near, your child‘s birthday, they’ll also get a birthday crown, Geoffrey balloon and a special announcement broadcast to the entire store.

70. Online Games

Cheapskate gamers will find no shortage of free games online. If you’re looking for a free new game fix, some of the most popular free online game sites include, and

71. Senior Freebies

Age does have its privileges. Seniors — usually age 60 or older, but that can vary — are entitled to a wide range of discounts and free stuff at many restaurants, hotels, retail stores and elsewhere. Some of the best sites for staying on top of the ever-changing list of senior offers include, and

72. Boating Safety Courses

Boating rules and laws vary by state, and the nonprofit BoatUS Foundation offers free online boating safety courses, based on the specific laws in each of the 50 states. You’ll learn a lot about staying safe on the water, and the online courses are pretty fun. You can find more info and take a course at

73. Bagels

Join Einstein Bros. Bagels’ Shmear Society — perhaps the best name ever for a restaurant e-club — and get a free bagel and shmear for signing up. You’ll also get a free egg sandwich on your birthday. A purchase is required for each offer.

74. Museum and Zoo Admission

Many public libraries now have a supply of passes to local museums and other area attractions, like parks and zoos, that library patrons can borrow to gain free admission. Check with your local library for availability.

75. Just About Everything Else

If you’re still looking for a freebie to meet your needs, be patient and keep your eyes open. Whatever you’re looking for will probably eventually pop up for free under the “free” category on Craigslist or on Remember: Free things come to those who wait.

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