Travelers to Singapore's Changi Airport can enjoy this rooftop pool.
Wenn Ltd.—Alamy
By Jessie Fetterling / Hopper
May 29, 2015

Who likes being bored during layovers? Luckily, you don’t have to spend your time on uncomfortable gate seats or in mediocre restaurants — just check out this list of the 10 coolest airports amenities in the world!

As travel delays become more and more common, airports are amping up their amenities to entertain travelers on their long layovers. Need to catch up on your workout routine between flights? San Francisco’s free yoga studio or Zurich’s bike and inline-skates rental program allow that with ease. For those looking to spend their time imbibing, Nashville’s airport allows you to do that anywhere with its drinks-on-the-go program, while Munich’s airport features a beer garden and brewery tour. Although it’s hard to believe that loitering at an airport could actually be fun, Hopper found 10 airport amenities that may just change your mind.


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