By Kerry Close
January 21, 2016
Mark Humphrey—AP

Amazon is making a big play to become your clothing store of choice.

The online retailer has seen its clothing and accessories inventory soar to 30 million items as of the 2015 holiday season, an increase of 91 percent over the past year. That’s the equivalent of the amount of total items—not just clothing—available in 250 Walmart supercenters combined, Re/code reported.

Amazon launched its clothing and accessories store in 2002, with partnerships with more than 400 brands such as Nordstrom, Target and Gap. Its Amazon Fashion brand works to attract top apparel brands to sell on the site, sometimes a difficult task given that the company is better known for low prices and efficiency rather than high fashion. The company announced in October that it is thinking about creating its own fashion label, which would give it the ability to create clothing items it can’t buy from other clothing manufacturers.

The clothing and accessories industry is worth about $250 billion in the U.S.—and it’s still mostly owned by traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. However, by next year, Amazon could pass Macy’s to become the top clothing vendor in the U.S., according to projections by equity research analysts Cowen and Company.

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Compared to other areas of the site, Amazon’s clothing section has the third-largest growth rate over the past year, behind cell phones and access and home and kitchen.