By Jennifer Calfas
April 27, 2017

Need help putting together a new look? Amazon has you covered.

The new Echo Look uses the powers of Amazon’s Alexa to take full-length photos and videos to see an outfit from every angle. Users can say, “Alexa, take a photo,” and the device will snap a picture.

The Echo Look can judge your outfits, too. The device’s Style Check can choose which outfit choice looks best based on machine learning algorithms that is based on the advice from fashion specialists and feedback from users. Consumers can submit two photos of two different outfits, and the device will choose the one it prefers. “Over time, these decisions get smarter through your feedback and input form our team of experienced fashion specialists,” Amazon says.

The camera includes LED lighting, a microphone and the capability to blur the background of the photos to make the outfit stand out.

The device costs $200, which is $20 than the original Echo. The new version has the same functions as the original one — including the ability to ask Alexa to check your calendar, read the news and play music, among other capabilities.

Amazon says it will continue to add new functionalities to the device as well. The Echo Look is available to consumers by invitation only, but those interested in buying one can request one online.

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