By Kerry Close
December 29, 2016
Amazon has patents for flying warehouses.
Scott Peterson—Getty Images

Your next drone delivery from Amazon could be supplied by a flying warehouse.

Amazon patent filings revealed details about “airborne fulfillment centers,” which are basically warehouses with zeppelin blimps, TechCrunch reported. The warehouses would be stocked with a set amount of inventory and would be located near where Amazon thinks demand for certain items will skyrocket. From these points, drones could be sent to make local deliveries.

The airborne warehouses could also be used for food delivery. The company envisions temperature-controlled models could store food and drones could be sent to make safe, on-demand deliveries.

One example the company cited was a sporting event: Amazon’s flying warehouse could be positioned above a championship game, and be filled with snacks and souvenirs for the fans below. Already, Amazon has a partnership with the San Francisco 49ers to let Prime members order food and other items for tailgaiting right to Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif.

The airborne fulfillment center could be the next step in Amazon’s ambitious plans for a drone delivery system, according to TechCrunch. The online retailer also launched the first successful drone delivery earlier this month.

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