By Ethan Wolff-Mann
February 1, 2016
Joe Raedle—Getty Images

“Whaaaaat’s the deal with those airline peanuts,” Jerry Seinfeld once mused.

It’s possible that an entire generations of young Americans never understood that joke on syndication, blissfully ignorant of the free-snack drought that has plagued air travel for years.

But the drought is over.

Late last year, United re-broke the snowed-in path, and announced it was bringing back the complimentary snacks about which Seinfeld joked (often apocryphally). Starting Feb. 1, early morning flights offer waffle-like treats and mid-morning travelers get a savory snack mix, flavored pretzel sticks, or other similar fare.

Now American has announced that starting this month, it will offer Biscoff cookies on early morning flights, and the choice or cookies or pretzels for flights that leave after 9:45 a.m. There will also be complimentary meals between Hawaii and Dallas-Fort Worth—something that recently has been reserved for international flights.

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Additionally, American plans to ramp up its complimentary in-flight entertainment, adding tons of TV, movies, and albums to choose from.

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