By Kerry Close
Updated: December 6, 2016 9:32 AM ET
CEO Tim Cook says sales of the Apple Watch set a record during the first week of holiday shopping.
hocus-focus—Getty Images

The Apple Watch has seen strong sales holiday season, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Sales of the smart watches reached a record high during the first week of holiday shopping, Reuters reported. The current quarter—which is typically Apple’s best-performing season—is also on track to be the strongest ever for the product.

The high sales come in the wake of an estimated dip of Apple Watch sales during the third quarter. Technology research firm IDC estimated that Apple sold just 1.1 million units of the watch, down 71% from the same time the previous year.

Apple’s Cook did not give Reuters specific sales figures, though he said the “Apple Watch is doing great and looks to be one of the most popular holiday gifts this year.” In the past, the company hasn’t broken down sales of the gadget in its earnings reports, instead putting it in the “other products” category along with the iPod and Apple TV.

The $369 watch has some cool features; its fitness-focused Series 2 version includes a heart rate monitor, built-in GPS and waterproof capabilities for swimmers. However, Apple faces stiff competition in fitness tracker market—which is expected to reach $5 billion by 2019—from better-priced rivals like the $70 to $150 Fitbit and the $30 Jawbone.

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