By Brad Tuttle
July 7, 2016
Olaf Speier—Shutterstock

Cheap drinks are a surefire way to bump up the customer count in bars and restaurants. Hence the popularity of happy hour specials at drinking establishments, as well as the slew of convenience stores and fast food joints promoting $1 (non-alcoholic) drinks throughout the summer.

You’ve probably heard that everything is bigger in Texas. And, true to form, so is a new drink deal from Applebee’s throughout the state.

Each and every day in July, from the time the restaurant is open until it closes (usually 2 a.m.), Applebee’s locations in Texas are selling margaritas for $1 apiece. Dollar margaritas come in a 10-ounce glass on the rocks, with salt or no salt (your choice).

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“We are in the midst of our Texas summer and what better way to beat the heat than with a margarita on-the-rocks for one dollar,” Chris Dharod, COO of Apple Texas Group, speaking on behalf of 68 Applebee’s participating in the promotion in the state. “Our Dollarita is one of our best selling adult beverages during the summer months, so this is our way of saying ‘thank you’ to our guests.”

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Well, hopefully, Applebee’s is saying “get a designated driver” in addition to “thank you.” Because when margaritas are only a buck, guests are probably going to have more than one.

In the past, many Applebee’s have hosted “Dollarita” specials on Wednesdays. Apparently in Texas in July, every day is Wednesday at Applebee’s.

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