Check Out the Coolest & Quirkiest Corn Mazes You Can Visit This Fall

Oct 02, 2015

In the recent past, a special breed of landscape artists has depicted the likenesses of Derek Jeter, Oprah Winfrey, Al Roker, and Harry Potter in a very unusual medium: corn stalks.

Every autumn, it’s tradition for farms around the country to welcome visitors to explore their latest wonderfully wacky corn maze designs. Corn mazes have become a huge draw around harvest time, especially when they’re packaged with the opportunity for folks to pick pumpkins or apples, go on tractor rides, or perhaps join spooky haunted tours after dark. While kid-friendly dinosaurs and pirates are popular subjects for corn mazes, many farms understandably opt for designs featuring local sports teams and celebrities—which are sure to generate media attention. As a TIME story put it concerning this fall’s most talked-about corn maze featuring a certain singer-songwriter, “now you can literally get lost in Taylor Swift’s face.”

Without further ado, here are some of the zaniest and most fun corn mazes you can explore this fall. All of them are currently open for business, though many are only open on weekends through November 1. Adult admission ranges from $7 to $12, with discounts for young kids and seniors. Check each farm’s website for specifics on pricing, opening dates, and other special events and attractions.

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