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If your heart tends to beat a little bit faster at the thought of scoring a super TV deal during Black Friday, you’re in luck: Black Friday 2015 is shaping up to be your kind of event.

Although deals abound for all screen sizes and at all price points—starting with a 32-inch LED LCD set for just $75—we think that this year the best bargains will be on UHD TVs and larger 1080p TVs (those with screens 55 inches or larger).

While Black Friday doorbusters have always involved super-low prices, the deals have often been restricted to lesser-known brands. But this year you’ll find aggressive Black Friday prices for several major brands, notably LG, Samsung, and Vizio, including sets that we’ve purchased, tested and put into our TV Ratings.

We expect online retailers to react to each others’ deals right through Black Friday itself, so you may want to monitor promotions and pricing until the moment you are ready to buy.

If you prefer to head out to a store to get the best deals and in-store-only doorbusters, check out our Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Tips before you leave home.

Enough of the chatter—drum roll, please: Here’s our list of the 10 best TV deals of Black Friday 2015. And as a special holiday bonus, we added a few other deals that seem just too good not to consider.

Consumer Reports’ Picks for Black Friday TV Deals

  • A 32-inch no-name TV at Amazon for $75. Despite not knowing the brand, getting a 32-inch TV for this price is what Black Friday deals are all about. Our guess is that it’s a basic 720p 60Hz model. During its much-maligned Prime Day, Amazon had the Seiki SE32HY for the same price.
  • A 32-inch Roku smart TV from TCL for $125 at both Amazon and Walmart. This is price matching at its best. We think it’s the TCL 32S3750 set, which is in our current TV Ratings. We like the Roku TV platform, and its wealth of content. While TCL TVs haven’t all been winners in our Ratings, this set did fairly well.
  • A 49-inch Toshiba 49L310UTV at Best Buy for $150. Another deal worth bracing the cold to snag. Toshiba TVs typically offer very good picture quality, but their overall Ratings are dragged down by fair, and sometimes miserable, sound. With the money you save, get a sound bar and it’s all good.
  • A 50-inch no-name TV for $149 at Amazon. In an app-only, “Take that, Best Buy” move, Amazon price matches the deal above, but we won’t know what make and model until 3 p.m. on Thursday. So we can’t compare it to the Toshiba just yet. Still, a 50-inch TV for the price of a month of cable and broadband is a great deal.
  • A 55-inch Westinghouse 1080p TV at Target for $250. No model was listed, but we think it could be the Westinghouse DWM55F1G1.The Westinghouse brand is now licensed by Tong Fang, a Chinese company that also controls the Element and Seiki brands in the U.S.
  • A 55-inch TCL Roku smart TV at Amazon for $349. It’s similar to the deal above but in a larger screen size. We think it’s the TCL 55FS3700.
  • A 60-inch Vizio M60-C3 UHD TV for $800 at both and Amazon. Finally, a deal on a major-brand set—and an Ultra HD model to boot—that’s currently in our Ratings.
  • A 60-inch Samsung UN60JU6390 UHD smart TV for $800 at Best Buy. Another good deal on a UHD TV from a major brand. This is a Best Buy exclusive so you can’t compare prices, but a Samsung UN60JU6400-series set sells for about $900 at several retailers right now.
  • A 70-inch Vizio smart TV for $898 at Walmart. No model was specified, but we think it could be the Vizio E701i-A3, which normally sells for about $1,100 to $1,200.
  • 65-inch Vizio D65U-D2 UHD smart TV for $1,000 at Best Buy. This is a nice price for a UHD TV this size. It’s currently selling for $1,300 to $1,500 elsewhere.

Other TV Deals

So those are our top deals for Black Friday 2015. But frankly, there are some other deals worth considering, so here are a few more that might tickle your fancy, or meet a fairly tight TV budget.

  • A 40-inch Samsung smart TV, plus $90 in Kohl’s Cash, for $319.
  • A 43-inch Element 1080p TV for $170 at Target. We think it’s the Element ELEFT43643.
  • A 49-inch LG 49UF6700 UHD smart TV for $500 at Target
  • A 49-inch LG 49UF6430 UHD smart TV at Best Buy for $500. We think it’s similar to the LG 49UF6400 model in our TV Ratings.
  • A 55-inch RCA 1080p TV at Fry’s for $299
  • A 55-inch Element E4SFT551 UHD TV for $400 at Target.

Remember to check our top 10 Black Friday shopping tips blog before you head out, and let us know in the comments section below the best deals you score over the Black Friday weekend.

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