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By Brad Tuttle
February 5, 2016
Moe's Southwest Grill
Boston Globe—Getty Images

Chipotle wants everyone to know that it is taking the reputation-damaging food poisoning episodes that have taken place at its restaurants very seriously. To ensure all of its employees are up to speed on the latest efforts to guarantee food safety, Chipotle is taking the drastic step of shutting down all locations for a spell on Monday, Feb. 8, in order to conduct a nationwide meeting.

While the restaurant world in general must theoretically commend such a commitment to food safety, Chipotle’s competitors are seizing the moment as an opportunity to drum up business when it’s physically impossible for consumers to buy a Chipotle burrito. Here are some deals and promotions on burritos and other Mexican fare that are available during Chipotle’s Feb. 8 shutdown:

The Canadian burrito restaurant chain is offering 50% off Mexican fare during the hours that Chipotle is closed on Monday.

On the Border
This chain of sit-down Mexican restaurants just so happened to choose Monday, Feb. 8, as the day to launch to-go burritos and bowls, at a special price of $5 each ($1 extra for steak or shrimp).

Moe’s Southwest Grill
“Not only is Moe’s Southwest Grill open on February 8, we’re also offering a Buy One, Get One deal so you and your friend or colleague can enjoy the best rebound burrito on the market – complete with all the free chips and salsa you can pack in,” a note from the company said.

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Taco Bell
The latest oddball promotion from Taco Bell involves a mysterious new menu item that won’t be announced publicly until the company airs its Super Bowl commercial this Sunday. Select customers were allowed to pre-order the mystery item for consumption on Saturday, Feb. 6—yes, the idea is you order and pay without knowing what it is—and the hyped new treat will go on sale to the public on Monday, Feb. 8. That’s the day Chipotle is shutting down, if you weren’t aware.

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