Pasta Bolognese at Mintwood Place Restaurant, Washington, DC
Scott Suchman
By lauragoldstein2014
August 16, 2015

Many a food lover would consider New York City to be the foodie capital of the United States. And indeed, among U.S. cities it has the highest number of restaurants and grocery stores (and, of course, Michelin stars).

Yet New Yorkers often find themselves booking reservations months ahead of time or waiting on obscenely long grocery store lines. Blame the population of nearly 9 million residents—or at least the portion with the time and money to obsess over gastronomy.

With that in mind, Money looked a different metric to determine the best cities for people who really enjoy food: the proportion of eateries to people. These five metropolises have the highest number of restaurants and groceries relative to population, at least among urban centers with more than 300,000 people. With thousands of fabulous, creative places to eat—and some Michelin stars of their own—these cities are ideal for foodies who love a great meal but would like a little breathing room at their table. (Source: Trulia data.)—Susie Poppick

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