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By amondalek
September 19, 2016
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Entrepreneurs need higher spending limits than individuals, as well as planning tools and employee cards. Look for low fees and rates, plus rewards for business spending.

“Easy choice” cards are great for people who want a no-hassle option and no annual fees. Cards that are “best for maximizers” are for those who aren’t afraid to carry a few different cards to pump up their rewards.

Spark Cash Select from Capital One

This no hassle, no-fee card features an industry-leading rewards and fee structure for small-business owners. Full profile

BEST for Borrowing
U.S. Bank Business Edge

The Business Edge card delivers a standout combination of a very low APR, a year of 0% interest, and free employee cards. Full profile

SimplyCash Plus Business from American Express

This card offers the most generous rewards on a wide range of business spending. Full profile

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