By Kaitlin Mulhere
June 9, 2016

To celebrate graduation season 2016, we’ve been running a special series of articles on “adulting,” meant to help new graduates navigate the post-college waters—from finding a job to signing up for health insurance to figuring out how to save for retirement some far-off day.

With the help of the National Association of College Stores, MONEY surveyed college students across the country to learn more about their future plans and financial concerns. We wanted to know what they worried about as well as what they felt they had in the bag.

The survey confirmed some of our suspicions, including how intimidating salary negotiation can be to young workers, and it also revealed things we didn’t expect, such as the quarter of students who plan to pay off their student debt within five years. Ultimately, the results influenced how we wrote our New College Grad’s Guide to Money.

See some of the results below, and check out our other advice for recent graduates on job-hunting and getting your finances in order.

Illustrations by Julia Bohan

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