No college degree can guarantee you wealth, but a handful of schools have a proven track record of minting rich people, from billionaire founders and CEOs to investors to politicians.

Wealth-X, a firm that does research and valuations on ultra-high net worth (UHNW) individuals, has revealed where the world’s wealthiest people — those with assets exceeding $30 million — went to college.

In its tally, Wealth-X counted alumni with both undergraduate and graduate degrees, counting alumni of multiple institutions more than once, but left out those with diplomas, certificates, honorary degrees, and drop outs. Considering some of the world’s richest self-made billionaires dropped out of Harvard, Stanford, University of Chicago, and other schools on this list, the numbers of UHNW alumni could be even higher had they graduated.

Of the top 20 colleges in the world that produce the wealthiest people, five are public universities, six are Ivy League, and only one is located outside of the US. By and large, Harvard University mints the highest number of millionaires and billionaires, which together command a net worth of $811 billion, more than twice that of the No. 2 school, University of Pennsylvania.

Below, check out the top 20 colleges in the world that have produced the most rich people, along with the total known number of UHNW individuals with degrees from the institutions, and their combined wealth.

20. University of California, Los Angeles

Known UHNW alumni: 235

Combined wealth: $63 billion

19. Boston University

Known UHNW alumni: 241

Combined wealth: $62 billion

18. University of Cambridge

Known UHNW alumni: 271

Combined wealth: $69 billion

17. University of Michigan

Known UHNW alumni: 272

Combined wealth: $141 billion

16. University of Notre Dame

Known UHNW alumni: 277

Combined wealth: $44 billion

15. University of California, Berkeley

Known UHNW alumni: 290

Combined wealth: $125 billion

14. The University of Texas at Austin

Known UHNW alumni: 293

Combined wealth: $71 billion

13. University of Southern California

Known UHNW alumni: 294

Combined wealth: $98 billion

12. University of Virginia

Known UHNW alumni: 300

Combined wealth: $64 billion

11. Cornell University

Known UHNW alumni: 319

Combined wealth: $101 billion

10. Princeton University

Known UHNW alumni: 330

Combined wealth: $188 billion

9. Yale University

Known UHNW alumni: 360

Combined wealth: $156 billion

8. Northwestern University

Known UHNW alumni: 365

Combined wealth: $80 billion

7. University of Chicago

Known UHNW alumni: 371

Combined wealth: $93 billion

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Known UHNW alumni: 375

Combined wealth: $215 billion

5. Stanford University

Known UHNW alumni: 466

Combined wealth: $404 billion

4. New York University

Known UHNW alumni: 488

Combined wealth: $155 billion

3. Columbia University

Known UHNW alumni: 578

Combined wealth: $307 billion

2. University of Pennsylvania

Known UHNW alumni: 832

Combined wealth: $369 billion

1. Harvard University

Known UHNW alumni: 1,906

Combined wealth: $811 billion

This story originally appeared on Business Insider.

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