By Denver Nicks
January 12, 2016

Fans of pop legend David Bowie are rushing to buy his music in the wake after his death from cancer at 69 was announced Sunday.

After word of his death hit the news, David Bowie’s most recent album “Blackstar”—released on Friday, his 69th birthday, and already on an upward trajectory before his death—shot to the top of the iTunes Store’s chart, which is updated constantly, while the “Best of Bowie” collection took the number two spot. “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars” ranked at number four, while “Hunky Dory” stood at number seven, Billboard reported.

The streaming service Spotify said streams of Bowie’s music on the service were up 2,700 percent Monday.

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What’s more, sales of Bowie’s “Blackstar” climbed to number two on on Amazon, bested only by Adele’s hit “25.”

A widely loved and respected musician who exuded confidence in his willingness to push boundaries in music, sexuality, gender and elsewhere, Bowie was the first musician to sell bonds against his intellectual property rather than selling the copyright to his songs. The financial instruments, known as “Bowie Bonds,” allowed him to keep the rights to his music and amounted to a bet on the longevity of his own music. The bonds have been paid off and were purchased by Prudential Insurance in 1997 for $55 million.

“He was able to retain his legacy,” investor David Pullman, who created the model for Bowie, told Reuters Monday. “His songs were his baby.” And those songs have been selling incredibly well lately.


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