By Kerry Close
November 9, 2016
Canada's immigration website crashed as Trump inched closer to winning the presidency.
Bloomberg—Bloomberg via Getty Images

After Donald Trump inched closer to his unexpected victory in the presidential election Tuesday evening, many Americans began to wonder how they could act on their joking-but-not-really threat of fleeing the country.

Canada’s immigration website experienced multiple outages as Trump gained the lead in several key states, Reuters reported. Heading north of the border is the obvious move for disappointed Americans, but it’s not the only destination interesting potential expats. New Zealand’s website for residency visas also saw increased traffic from U.S. citizens in the hours just before Trump claimed victory.

New Zealand immigration officials told Reuters that in the past week, its website for residency and student visas saw more than 1,593 registrations over the past week — more than 50% of a typical month’s registrations. Visits to the website in October and November also jumped by 80% over the same period last year.

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This isn’t the first time during the election cycle that people have wondered how to leave the country. Google searches of how to move to Canada have spiked at various points during the campaign, and real estate inquiries in Canada surged by 20% during the election season.

If a Trump presidency has you longing for the life of an expat, here’s how you can move to Canada.

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