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Young woman sitting on the floor at home and eating a salad and smoothie.
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Are you feeling overwhelmed, unfocused or exhausted? If so, it might be time for a healthy boost of energy to help you tackle your busy schedule. A smoothie bowl is an easy way to get the nutrients and energy your body needs to work hard and feel great throughout the day.

In this post, we’ll share a delicious smoothie bowl recipe that’s packed with vitamins and minerals to help increase your focus and energy levels. We’ll also discuss the health benefits of the ingredients used in the recipe, so you can make sure you’re getting optimal nutrition. So, get your blender ready and let’s get started!

Choosing your ingredients

Smoothie bowls are a delicious way to add more nutrients to your daily diet. By carefully combining nutrient-dense ingredients, you can create a delicious smoothie bowl that will not only fuel your body but also appease your taste buds.

When preparing any smoothie bowl, it’s important to consider the four main categories of ingredients: protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and superfoods. These will provide a balanced and energizing meal.


Protein is an essential macronutrient that helps to build muscle and balance your hormones. It’s important to incorporate some form of protein into your smoothie bowl to give your body the energy it needs throughout the day. Some great sources of protein are Greek yogurt, nut butter, nuts and seeds or vegan protein powder.


Carbohydrates should always be included when preparing a smoothie bowl as they’re also a very excellent source of fuel for tackling the day ahead. Choose carbohydrates that are nutrient-dense such as oats, fruits or vegetables.

Healthy fats

Healthy fats are essential for hormonal balance, the absorption of vitamins and minerals and increasing focus and brain function. Adding some healthy fats to your smoothie bowl will also help to keep you satiated for longer periods of time. Some great sources of healthy fats are nuts and seeds, nut butter and coconut oil.


Superfoods such as chia seeds, hemp seeds, maca powder or matcha powder have numerous health benefits and should be included in your smoothie bowl. These superfoods contain high amounts of antioxidants which can help protect your cells from damage as well as provide you with a boost of energy.

Step-by-step instructions

Prepare the bowl base

Begin by adding 1 cup of your preferred liquid (water, coconut water, almond milk or orange juice) to a high-power blender, along with one frozen banana or 1/2 cup of frozen fruit. Blend until creamy and smooth.

Add the rest of the ingredients

Next, add 1/4 cup of your preferred protein source, such as Greek yogurt or nut butter, 1/4 cup of a carbohydrate source like oats, one tablespoon of healthy fats (nuts or seeds) and one teaspoon of superfoods like chia seeds. Blend all ingredients together for 30 seconds until fully incorporated. Then pour the mixture into a bowl.

Pick the perfect toppings

Now, it’s time to add some fun toppings! Some of our favorite additions include granola, nuts and seeds, fresh fruit slices and hemp hearts, but feel free to add whatever you like best!

Ways to add a twist to your smoothie bowl

Want to take your smoothie bowl to the next level? Or maybe you just want to change up your usual recipe? Here are some variations you should try:

  • Swap out the Greek yogurt for other protein sources such as nut butter or vegan protein powders to adjust the flavor and texture of the smoothie bowl.
  • Chia seeds can be substituted for other nutrient-dense superfood powders such as matcha or maca powder, which can change the smoothie bowl’s flavor or color.
  • Get creative by adding different toppings such as granola or coconut flakes for an extra crunchy texture!


Smoothie bowls are easy to make and can provide a convenient way for anyone to get their daily nutrients. Plus, they’re delicious and can be made with all sorts of different fruits, veggies and toppings for an unlimited range of flavor combinations. With this flexible recipe combined with the right ingredients in a blender for smoothies, you'll be well on your way toward increasing focus and energy by enjoying this healthy smoothie bowl for breakfast, dessert or any other meal!