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By Marina Nazario/Business Insider
February 27, 2019
Green Whole Foods Market grocery store sign on exterior building in city in Virginia with people walking and autumn displays of pumpkins for Halloween
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While many people head to Whole Foods for its produce and ever-growing cheese section, regulars and employees know the ins-and-outs of the grocery store and its wide variety of items.

INSIDER asked customers and employees via Twitter, Instagram, and in person at various stores what their favorite products were. It’s worth noting that some of these items, specifically from the hot bar, are particular to its region and not available at all Whole Foods locations.

Here are 50 of their favorite items.

Customer Kelly told INSIDER that the broccoli crunch salad, found in the food bar area, is one of her favorite things to buy at Whole Foods.

“It makes for a great lunch!” Kelly commented.

Carey, a Whole Foods customer for seven years, was quick to list off vegan chocolate donuts as her favorite item.

“I’m actually not vegan, but I am allergic to dairy. I love it because you can’t find something like this [elsewhere]. And it’s just as good!”

Claudio, who just started working at Whole Foods, loves the coffee that’s brewed at the in-store coffee bar.

“The first item that comes to mind is a coffee drink called Almond Double Espresso,” Claudio told INSIDER.

Cele, a Whole Foods employee, said that she’s a fan of the bakery: especially the cheese rolls.

“I love the bakery, specifically the cheese rolls that come fresh out of the kitchen.”

Kelly, also a Whole Foods Customer, said she loves the pre-made cakes.

“I don’t bake cakes so I like to buy Whole Foods’ cakes,” she said.

The cheese section is always adding new items (you can find anywhere from 250-1,000 types of cheese), so it’s a favorite among employees and customers at Whole Foods.

“I specifically like the truffle cheese they featured in their 12 Days of Cheese-mas,” Michelle, a Whole Foods customer, told INSIDER.

Kelcey, a Whole Foods employee, said the Catamount Hills Cheese is her favorite at the moment.

“It’s so freaking good! It’s like a Swiss and Parm, combined to make a cheddar,” Kelcey told INSIDER.

Fruit Pies are a big hit.

“I think their fruit pies are really delicious,” said Erica, a Whole Foods shopper.

Nick, a Whole Foods customer, said that he likes the Korean BBQ Meatballs that he finds at his local store in Chicago.

“They’re very tasty!”

Julie, who’s been working at Whole Foods for two years, told INSIDER that she loves the store’s stone crabs.

“I buy them on the first day of the season because someone told me that’s the freshest day to get them!” Julie told INSIDER.

Shannon, a Whole Foods customer for 17 years, said she likes the dandelion greens because she can’t find them anywhere else.

“It’s unique … I can only get the dandelion greens at Whole Foods,” Shannon told INSIDER.

“Is it weird to say I like their cat food?” Stacey asked INSIDER.

It’s not only humans who like Whole Foods products, but it’s also cats.

Stacey, a Whole Foods customer, told INSIDER that her (and her cat’s) favorite item is the Whole Paws cat food.

Miguel, a frequent Whole Foods shopper, makes a special trip to the store just for the beef Gorgonzola panini found in the hot food section.

“I only get the panini on Thursday because there’s usually a discount for it at my Whole Foods,” Miguel explained to INSIDER.

Ralph, who just discovered Whole Foods seafood section, said he makes special trips to the store just for the oysters.

“They’re good quality and very fresh,” said Ralph.

Janet, a Whole Foods customer for 10 years, told INSIDER that she loves the fresh-squeezed OJ.

“I like it because you can squeeze the juice yourself in-store and it tastes so fresh and healthy,” said Janet. “You know it has no additives.”

Angela, a Whole Foods Customer, told INSIDER that her daughter loves Whole Foods chocolate.

“I don’t have a specific favorite because I’m always switching it up when I buy products here, but my daughter loves the chocolate! That’s a favorite in our household,” Angela told INSIDER.

Ryan, a fan of Whole Foods, said he likes the kombucha that lines the shelves.

“Whole Foods carries my favorite brand (Health-Ade), but I also like shopping here because the Prime discounts are pretty rad,” Ryan told INSIDER.

Derlie, a Whole Foods employee for 10 years, told us that she loves the bananas.

“I don’t have one favorite item, but I love to buy bananas here,” said Derlie.

365 Mango Ice Pops are an alternative to ice cream.

Michael, a Whole Foods customer for three years, said he enjoys the 365 brand mango ice pops.

Michael also added that he really likes the thin crust frozen pizza.

“The pizzas are tasty and easy to prepare,” Michael told INSIDER.

Nikki, a Whole Foods shopper for nine years, told INSIDER that she loves the bacon-wrapped scallops.

“I always look for the bacon-wrapped scallops when I’m grocery shopping at Whole Foods,” said Nikki.

Nikki also told INSIDER that she really enjoys the sushi.

“If I’m stopping here for a quick grab-n-go, especially when I’m out of town, I usually get a made to order sushi roll,” said Nikki. “They have them stacked up so nicely, it makes me want to buy them!”

Maddy, a Whole Foods customer, told INSIDER that her favorite item is the Vital Proteins collagen peptides.

“It helps my skin tremendously, even with hair and nail growth,” said Maddy. “Plus it’s always good to get a little extra protein in the morning.”

Heather, a fan of Whole Foods, said she loves the face masks from the Whole Body department.

“I like buying their face masks because they’re fun to do with my daughter. I also like the beauty brands they carry in general.”

Waterloo Water is crisp and refreshing.

Amanda, a frequent Whole Foods shopper, was quick to tell INSIDER that her favorite item is the Waterloo brand watermelon-flavored water that’s sold in a can.

Sesame Noodles are a treat.

Amanda also added that she’s a huge fan of the sesame noodles found in the prepared-food section.

365 Assorted Entertainment Crackers are a simple snack.

“I really like the 365 brand crackers,” said Jared, a Whole Foods customer. “They’re good to munch on.”

Jack, a fan of Whole Foods, said that he likes the beef section.

“My favorite thing to buy at Whole Foods is the grass-fed steak. It’s expensive, but really good quality,” Jack commented.

Taylor, a Whole Foods fan, said he loves the cranberry tuna salad.

“I thought it would be weird at first, but the cranberry tuna salad is so good!” Taylor told INSIDER. “My aunt brought it to a party and I was all over it.”

Produce is a huge section at Whole Foods, so it makes sense that it seems to be a favorite among customers.

“All the fruits and veggies here are great!” Grace, a Whole Foods customer, told INSIDER.

“When it’s good, it’s good,” Carol, another Whole Foods customer, added.

“I come here for the produce,” said John, a Whole Foods customer.

Bulk items — like dried fruits and nuts — are popular.

“I personally like the bulk items because it’s easy to grab and I can buy as much or as little as I want,” Jennifer, a Whole Foods shopper, told INSIDER.

Sheralyn, a Whole Foods employee, said she likes the Opal apples.

“They’re not cheap, but they’re juicy!” Sheralyn told INSIDER.

Cassidy, a loyal Whole Foods shopper, said her favorite item to buy is the Noosa brand yogurt.

“Seriously, look at my cart I have five things of yogurt,” said Cassidy. “I’m obsessed.”

Grant, a new Whole Foods customer, said he just started shopping at the store thanks to the Prime discounts. His favorite item he discovered is Granola Lab granola.

“I haven’t been shopping here long, but I really like the Granola Lab-brand granola that they sell here,” Grant told INSIDER.

Creamy Tofu Salad can be found in the cold food bar.

“Everything is good here, but I really like the creamy tofu salad,” said Debbie, a Whole Foods employee.

Navitas Organic Matcha Powder creates matcha lattes on the go.

Marni, a Whole Foods customer for 10 years, was quick to tell INSIDER that her favorite item is Navitas brand organic matcha powder.

Whole Foods has several varieties of beef jerky.

“The beef jerky is my guilty pleasure,” said Catherine, a Whole Foods customer. “I love the salt and pepper flavor they sell here.”

Liz, a Whole Foods regular, said she loves the variety of hummus.

“I get so overwhelmed looking at all the different types of hummus that they sell, so I usually try a different kind each time I come here,” Liz told INSIDER.

Sir Kensington’s Special Sauce can be found at Whole Foods.

Kendall, a frequent Whole Foods customer, said one of her favorite items is Sir Kensington’s Special Sauce.

Kendall also added that another favorite she loves buying is the Perfect Bars.

“Any and all flavors!” she said.

Frank, a Whole Foods customer, was in the middle of grabbing the 365 brand white corn tortilla chips off the shelf when we asked what his favorite item is.

“This is probably my favorite item here,” he said.

365 rolled oats are a common pantry staple.

“My response is going to be really boring, but I have to go with the 365 brand rolled oats,” said Tanner, a Whole Foods customer for four years.

Taylor, a Whole Foods shopper, shared with us that it’s all about the chocolate covered pretzels.

“I like the chocolate-covered pretzels,” said Taylor. “Not the ones that come in a bag but the ones from the bulk section.”

Mac and cheese is popular at the hot bar.

Taylor also told INSIDER that another one of her favorites is the the mac and cheese found at the hot bar.

Claudia, a Whole Foods employee, told INSIDER that she loves the pre-made empanadas.

“I usually grab some beef empanadas before I head home,” Claudia commented.

Christian said he goes straight for the chicken wings when he shops at Whole Foods.

“My favorite item, by far, are the BBQ chicken wings,” Christian told INSIDER. “If I could get them every day for lunch, I would.”

Seafood seems to be just as popular as cheese and produce at Whole Foods.

Eileen, a Whole foods employee, shared with INSIDER that she loves the fresh shrimp sold at the seafood counter.

Stephen, a fan of Whole Foods, loves the floral section for a sweet reason.

“When I’m here, it’s usually to pick up flowers for my wife.”

Jordan, a Whole Foods shopper for 10 years, said she can’t resist the macaroons.

“They keep them close to the checkout counter and, of course, I have to walk by them pick one out every time.”

Whole Foods has a huge array of salad dressings.

Kim said her favorite is the Brianna’s brand blush wine vinaigrette.

More seafood for the win for Whole Foods customer, Beau.

“I should probably buy it fresh, but I really like the salmon fillets from the frozen food aisle,” Beau shared with INSIDER.

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