By Brad Tuttle
July 10, 2017

On Tuesday, dressing up like a cow is a good thing. That’s because anyone wearing vaguely cow-like clothing will be rewarded with a free chicken sandwich—or any other entrée of choice—at Chick-fil-A.

Tuesday, July 11, is being celebrated as Chick-fil-A’s annual Cow Appreciation Day. Riffing on the fast food chain’s “Eat Mor Chikin” cow commercials, Chick-fil-A hosts a special day each year when anyone who dresses like a cow gets free food.

The official Cow Appreciation Day rules stipulate that free food recipients must be dressed in cow clothing—no matter if it’s a head-to-toe costume or just a T-shirt or earrings with a cow or cow spots. Customers can select any entrée they want from the time Chick-fil-A restaurants open until 7 p.m. Options include the Spicy Chicken Biscuit and the Sausage Breakfast Burrito during breakfast hours, and a variety of chicken sandwiches and nugget orders throughout the rest of the day.

Kids in cow regalia get their choice of full kids’ meals free of charge as well.

Chick-fil-A is not the only business out there with great deals on Tuesday, July 11. Although 7-Eleven has yet to make an official announcement, the convenience store chain has a long history of offering free Slurpees to all customers, with no purchase required, on 7-Eleven Day, or 7/11.

This year, Amazon is also holding its big Prime Day sales event on Tuesday, July 11, with special Black Friday-style deals popping up as frequently as every five minutes throughout the day.

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