By Brad Tuttle
Updated: April 12, 2016 1:38 PM ET | Originally published: April 11, 2016
A scene from Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's location in Denver in 2015.
A scene from Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's location in Denver in 2015.
Helen H. Richardson—Denver Post via Getty Images

Tuesday, April 12, is Free Cone Day at participating Ben & Jerry’s locations around the country. This very special event is even better than it sounds, as it comes with the possibility of not just one but multiple free ice cream cones for any customer willing to wait on line more than once.

The proliferation of made-up marketing holidays means that food freebie deals pop up left and right on the calendar—sometimes several freebies in the same week. In almost all cases, however, the deals come with standard fine print limiting each customer to a single freebie. There are sketchy, less-than-honest strategies of getting around such stipulations, but breaking the rules is frowned upon, especially on a day when a company is giving away free stuff.

One major exception to the one-freebie-only rule is Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day, when stores welcome customers to come back for second helpings of free ice cream (or thirds or fourths and so on) throughout the day.

In fact, in a post on the Ben & Jerry’s site listing the 7 People You Meet on Free Cone Day, the company celebrates “The Repeat Conestumer” as “our favorite” kind of customer. “Never satisfied, they get their free scoop and then immediately get back in line for another…over and over again,” the site explains.

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If you miss Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day, or if you simply haven’t gotten enough free ice cream, fret not. There’s another free ice cream day next week. Free Cone Day at Carvel takes place on Thursday, April 21. From 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., each customer is welcome to a free junior (4.5 oz) soft serve cone. Unlike Ben & Jerry’s, however, the fine print for Carvel’s offer clearly states: “limit 1 per person.”