Skip driving to the gym and spending $30 per workout class with these fitness apps that are cheaper than any gym membership (because they’re all free). We believe living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t break the bank, and these apps will help you reach your fitness goals without emptying your wallet. Grab a friend and do these workouts outside while having the motivation and organization these apps can provide. All you need is your running shoes, a smartphone, and a favorite workout playlist to get started.

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Nike+ Training Club


This app has almost too many great things to list. Not only is the Nike+ Training Club app free, you can select from hundreds of different workouts for every fitness level and hosted by professional Nike athletes and trainers. Once you’re ready to work out, plug in your headphones and watch as Allyson Felix, Alex Morgan, or Gaby Douglas instruct and demonstrate the workout. Beyond the workouts programmed in the app, you can track any other physical activities you perform, from running and basketball to tennis and kickboxing. Your results and data are saved so you can record your activity history. There is now even a workout with Serena Williams AND Kevin Hart. If that duo doesn’t get you motivated, we don’t know what will.



This app makes fitness and working out attainable for anyone. Workouts range from 5 to 60 minutes, so everybody can find something that fits their schedule and fitness level. You can also customize your songs, tell the app to avoid certain moves if you happen to have an injury, and try everything from cardio to yoga. No equipment necessary as you follow along with the video trainer.



MyFitnessPal features the largest food database of any fitness app with over 6 million recipes (many of our recipes are on the app, too) and food options, but this app goes beyond food, too. With its easy-to-use calorie counter, you track your diet by entering items you ate that day, scanning barcodes on packaged foods, or importing recipes to instantly get nutritional information. The syncing capability lets this app talk to other fitness apps and trackers so you can easily monitor your fitness goals and see your results from one device.

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Yoga Studio by Gaiam Inc.


This yoga app will leave you feeling comfortable and relaxed in your own home in no time. Many first-time yogis approach yoga unsure and nervous about the poses. However, this app offers customizable classes so you can start at your own pace and level. With over 70 different yoga and meditation classes, Gaiam’s yoga app can not only improve your physical wellbeing but also your mental health. The atmosphere of a yoga class plays a huge role in helping you feel fully relaxed. With this app, you can choose from soothing songs, an instructor’s voice, or simple chimes. One of the best benefits of this app? Once the yoga routines are downloaded on your phone, you’ll never need WIFI or data to use it. Yoga on the beach, anyone?

Map My Run by Under Armour


If you’re an avid runner and like to track your courses and progress, this is the only app you need. Map My Run will actually track any physical activity you like, but it’s specifically designed for tracking running, biking, walking, and hiking. It will map the course as you exercise, give you vocal cues when you hit mileage markers, and provide time updates. Once your workout is complete, the app saves the course, analyzes it, and tells you how it ranked among your previous workouts, how many calories you burned, and how long and far you went. You can share your results with friends and create challenges to keep each other motivated. Although this app has been around for several years, it continues to get better and better. The most recent update includes a feature that factors in weather conditions when analyzing your workout.

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