By Martha C. White
October 18, 2016
Michael H—Getty Images

Google Flights is adding a predictive feature to its platform that will let you know how much waiting to book a flight will cost you.

In a blog post, Google Flights product manager Nabil Naghdy wrote, “We now show you when prices are expected to increase for some specific flights and routes you’re interested in.” Based on historical pricing data, Google Flights now will give you an automatic notification letting you know if, for instance, the fare on that cross-country flight you were considering booking for a holiday getaway is likely to cost more if you wait until the end of the day to book it.

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You can get predictive pricing information either for specific flights or for a trip itinerary, if you haven’t decided on a specific flight yet. The new features will show you when prices are likely to rise, and if you could get a better deal by switching your travel days or flying out of a different airport. “Fare expiration and expected price jump notifications will be rolling out over the coming weeks everywhere Google Flights is available,” Naghdy said.

Unlike mobile competitor Hopper, Google Flights doesn’t have its own dedicated app—at least not yet—but the update also includes some tweaks to make using the tool easier from a mobile device, along with new features that flag the best hotel deals, including deals just for loyalty program members.

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