Clinton v. Trump: Where the Candidates Stand on 5 Important Issues

Aug 12, 2016

Differences on many issues are stark for candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, ranging from jobs to energy policy. Here is a point-counterpoint on their views about key subjects this election year.

Trump departs from Republican orthodoxy on some matters, such as the GOP’s longstanding call to contain entitlement spending — like on Social Security, where he shows no appetite for curbing benefits. But he takes a more conventional conservative view on such matters as taxes and regulation.

Democrat Clinton, on the other hand, has moved left on a number of topics, notably on trade pacts, which she used to support but now is skeptical about. Some of this is due to her need to appeal to followers of Bernie Sanders, her primary-season rival.

These are excerpts from the candidates’ economic speeches. Donald Trump spoke to the Detroit Economic Club on Monday, and Hillary Clinton at a Warren, Mich., aerospace plant on Thursday.

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