By Kaitlin Mulhere
November 21, 2016
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Apple announced Sunday that it will swap out faulty batteries in certain iPhone 6s devices.

But before you race to the nearest Apple store to get your replacement battery, you should know that the offer is only good for phones manufactured in September or October 2015. The free battery is meant to fix a flaw in which the devices suddenly shut off even though there is battery life remaining.

Customers who think their phone may qualify should go to an Apple retail story or an authorized Apple service provider to verify that the phone’s serial number is included in the program. You can’t bring the phone back to your carrier even if you bought it directly from them.

Apple did not specify which serial numbers were included or how many customers may be affected beyond describing it as a “very small number” of devices. If your phone qualifies, but you already paid the roughly $85 to have the battery replaced, you should contact Apple support to get a refund. The program covers batteries for 3 years after the first purchase.

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Before swapping out your battery, be sure to back up your data and erase all data and settings. And note that if you have damage such as a cracked screen that inhibits the repair, that will need to be fixed (for the normal fee) before you can get the free replacement.

The 6s battery replacement offer comes a few days after Apple announced it would fix a different flaw associated with iPhone 6 Plus in which the touch screen quit working.


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