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By Kerri Anne Renzulli
June 2, 2015
Sunil Menon—Getty Images

The Internal Revenue Service will now provide identity theft victims with copies of fraudulent tax returns filed in their name.

The agency agreed to change its policy after New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte wrote to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen urging the agency to provide victims with copies of bogus returns filed in their names so that they could better understand the extent of the ID theft. The agency had previously refused to release the fraudulent returns for privacy reasons.

Instead, victims were notified only that their personal information had been used to file false returns. That left some taxpayers curious about the amount of personal and financial details scammers might know about them.

In his reply to Ayotte, Commissioner Koskinen wrote that the IRS “will put together a procedure that will enable victims to receive, upon request, redacted copies of fraudulent returns filed in their name and SSN.” (The returns will be redacted because a single tax return could contain multiple Social Security numbers, thus possibly compromising another person’s security.)

If your information was used to file a false return, follow our guide to getting your identity and refund money back.





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