Life can be hard enough to navigate on the regular, which is why Real Simple has listed 6 clever and inexpensive items that can help simplify your life in ways you may not have even known you needed.

1. Brita Water Filter

This update on the standard Brita filters while you’re pouring—rather than when you refill—so you’ll always have a full pitcher in the fridge.

To buy: $30;

2. Pocket Bike Pump

Don’t let an unexpected bump derail your ride—at fewer than five inches long, this tire pump fits in your pocket (or bag).

To buy: $28;

3. Float Utensil Holder

Clear up counter space with this floating utensil holder. Affix it under your cabinet and place your flippers and spoons in its grippers for easy storing.

To buy: $15;

4. Pull’n Slice Mandoline

Swore off julienne salads after too many close calls with the mandolin? This update makes the process safer by using a pull method to thinly slice any size produce—from radishes to potatoes. It all lands in a container to keep cleanup easy, too.

To buy: $35;

5. The Grate Taco Cheese Grater

Say “Yes, please!” to more cheese with this taco-inspired grater. Shred your favorite variety against the wide perforations—the cheese will stay contained in the shell until you’re ready to dump it into your quesadilla or pasta.

To buy: $10;

6. Easy Riser

Never be late to work again due to bad traffic or weather. Easy Riser, a free smart alarm clock app, checks alerts in your area while you’re sleeping. If your commute is delayed, it will adjust to wake you up just a bit earlier.

This story originally appeared on Real Simple.

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