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Q: Is it true that 80% of job openings are never advertised?

I always hear the statement that “You know, 80% of job openings are never posted or advertised.” What do you think? Is this statement true or false? What has been your experience?

If it is true, how are 80% of these jobs getting filled then? How can job seekers find these jobs? If it is false, why do people make these kinds of statements?

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A: From everything I can see, it’s false. It may have been true 30 years ago when it first started getting thrown around, but I don’t know it was true even then. 80% is crazy high.

It’s not that some jobs don’t go unadvertised; some do! But that 80% figure doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to the reality.

Jonathan Blaine has a good discussion of this here. As for why it keeps getting repeated, it’s being repeated by people who don’t know any better, who aren’t thinking critically about it or testing it against their own experience, and who in some cases have something to gain by convincing job seekers that finding a job is a mysterious thing they need to pay for help doing.

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Q: My coworker keeps interrupting me

We hired a new member of our team almost a year ago now, and her work product is generally fantastic. She’s been well received by our team and people she works with on other teams, from what I’ve heard.

Unfortunately, she has been a bit difficult for me to work with. She is constantly interrupting and correcting me, even when she isn’t correct about her correction. I’ve tried giving her the floor when that happens and just ignoring it, and also tried just continuing my thought as though she didn’t ignore me, but this morning it got to a breaking point. She asked me a question and halfway through my sentence interrupted me with her own answer. I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this or not, as I haven’t brought it up with a colleague or our manager.

On our team of six, I was the youngest until she was hired. It could be that nobody has told her yet and she just needs some coaching. It could be other reasons, but I don’t think it’s right to speculate on those. Is it reasonable to bring it up with her in private? If so, how would you phrase it? Or better to bring it up with our manager? If so, how would you go about that? I know it seems childish to complain of someone interrupting you, but it’s gotten to the point where I feel disrespected.

A: I’d actually bring it up in the moment, which will make it less of a big deal than a whole separate conversation. From now on when she interrupts you, call it out! For example:
* “Actually, please hang on — I wasn’t done.”
* “Please let me finish.”
* “Whoops, I was still talking. As I was saying…”

It’s possible that a few times of this will solve the problem. But if it doesn’t, then after one of those interruptions I’d say, “I’m not sure if you realize, but you interrupt me a lot. Would you be more vigilant about letting me finish my thought before you jump in?”

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These questions are adapted from ones that originally appeared on Ask a Manager. Some have been edited for length.