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By Martha C. White
April 6, 2016

Need another reason to eat your veggies? Life insurance company John Hancock is now rewarding some policyholders for eating healthier foods.

People with certain policies will be able to begin earning on-the-spot discounts of up to 25% in stores, plus discounts on their insurance premiums, USA Today reported.

Using a loyalty card that tracks their purchases, policyholders can get up to $600 a year in the form of cash back for choosing healthier foods when they do their grocery shopping, as well as accrue points that can give them discounts of up to 15% off their life insurance premiums. John Hancock says it’s the first life company to offer discounts and cash back for healthy grocery choices.

The initiative is part of John Hancock’s Vitality program, which also rewards customers who do things like work out and visit their doctor regularly for check-ups.

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It’s a perk for the insurance company as well as a perk for customers, John Hancock president Michael Doughty told USA Today. He pointed out that the prospect of incentives for living healthy also put a positive spin on the life insurance sales process. “Now you can have a conversation where you’re talking about living,” he told the newspaper.

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