Johnny Ward spent 10 years traveling around the world, visiting all 197 countries on the planet — and made $1 million along the way.

Although 33-year-old Ward started out on a shoestring budget, he was able to become a millionaire on the road, proving that travel and making money need not be mutually exclusive. And, according to him, anybody can achieve similar results.

When he set off for his round-the-world mission, Ward did not have even enough money for a plane ticket. So he signed up to do medical research in a hospital in Ireland. Doctors spent five weeks testing drugs on him and he earned seed money to travel to Thailand and teach English.

From there, Ward began blogging and building up a following (which he details on his website). From there, Ward expanded his blog into a media brand with 100 different websites. He earned money from advertising revenue on all of his different sites.

“I’ve had to be diligent enough to take out my laptop and work in the evenings when I was in Mongolia, or Kazakhstan, or Ethiopia,” Ward told The Telegraph. “Those were the tough times, putting the work in while I was actively traveling, not knowing if it would pay off or not.”

Then, two weeks ago, Ward visited the final country on his list: Norway. He celebrated the achievement with champagne and loved ones in the Arctic Circle.

“If you truly, deeply want something bad enough, you can make it happen,” Ward wrote on Instagram when he reached Norway. “When you visualise your path, and every choice you make strives to bring you to where you know you can be, nothing can stop you.”

This story originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.

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