By Kate Samuelson
August 22, 2017

McDonalds is giving chocoholic customers a new way to satisfy their sweet tooth.

The fast food chain has announced the release of an extremely gooey-looking chocolate version of its classic apple pie. But there’s a catch – the new ‘rich chocolate pie,’ which costs around $2, is only available in South Korea.

The fast food chain has been rubbing its delectable new dessert in the faces of those not in the country by way of Instagram: the company’s Korea feed has posted various pictures and clips of the delicious-looking debut, including a video that shows-off the pudding’s molten chocolate center.

McDonald’s Korean Instagram page has received several comments posted by McDonald’s fans expressing their annoyance at being outside of South Korea. “Let’s go to Korea this weekend or next weekend so we can get some chocolate pies bro,” wrote one social media user to a friend.

The fast food chain did not immediately respond to TIME’s request for comment.

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