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If you’re not already frustrated about the “pink tax,” you’re about to be: As the New York Times recently revealed, women pay a premium every time they shop—often without realizing it. From personal care to clothes to dry cleaning services, products targeted at women tend to cost more than similar ones for men, even when the items in question are made from identical materials.

In a viral YouTube video, Mic’s Liz Plank estimates that this gendered pricing costs the average woman a whopping $100,000 in her lifetime (um, yikes). Willing to forego pink packaging and floral fragrances? Start purchasing these six items from the men’s aisle now to save big:

1. Razors. Multiple ALL YOU editors swear by this one. Instead of buying a Schick women’s “Hydro” razor for $12.79, buy the same Schick product targeted at men for $11.99. Or better yet, start subscribing to Dollar Shave Club: the most basic subscription will give you five blades a month for just $.60 each.

2. Deodorant. Degree Women’s Ultra Clear Antiperspirant and Deodorant costs $5.35 ($2.06 per oz.) on, while Degree Men’s Invisible Solid Antiperspirant and Deodorant costs $4.85 ($1.80 per oz.) on the same site. The same applies for clinical strength products: Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant and Deodorant costs $4.73 an oz., whereas Gillette’s clinical strength deodorant costs $4.58 an oz. (Both Secret and Gillette are owned by the same parent company, P&G, and contain nearly identical active ingredients.)

3. White denim. As our brilliant style director Carole recently pointed out, if you’re looking for a pair of straight leg white jeans, you can save big by shopping in the men’s department. Carole recommends this pair of Levi’s 501 Fit Jeans ($47)—a steal compared to similar styles for women at LOFT ($59), Gap ($70) and J.Crew ($135).

4. Shaving cream. Just as with razors, you should stock up on cans of shaving cream from the men’s aisle: Gillette shaving cream targeted at men with dry skin costs $.49 an oz., compared to a similar Gillette product for women for $.51 an oz.

5. T-shirts. Box-cut tees are on trend right now (thanks, normcore!) but instead of shelling out extra for a women’s “boyfriend” style, head to the men’s department for inexpensive tees in solid colors like black, white and grey. I like the basic pocket tees from Old Navy’s men’s department, which cost just $12.94 compared to $16.94 for similar women’s styles. (If it’s slightly too baggy, throw it in the dryer the first time you wash it.)

6. Face cleansers. Skincare lines targeted at men are often cheaper than their same-brand counterparts for women. Neutrogena Invigorating Face Wash for men costs $1.06 an oz., compared to a similar Neutrogena Invigorating product for women that costs $1.66 an oz.

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