Andrew Harrer—Bloomberg via Getty Images
By Alexandra Mondalek
November 8, 2016

“We don’t win anymore,” Donald Trump loves to say. But there have been some obvious financial winners in this election cycle.

For example, cable TV networks have the race to thank for bolstered ratings—and they’ve capitalized on that success, charging up to $200,000 for 30-second commercials. CNN alone will reportedly bank an extra $100 million in revenue this year, extra earnings attributed to all the election hype.

Not everyone can be thankful for 2016, however. Trump’s eponymous hotels, for example, have seen decreased foot traffic during his campaign. Visits are down as much as 17% in a year, and travelers are asking their booking agents to avoid Trump properties, primarily after the candidate’s vulgar comments about assaulting women surfaced.

Who else has “won” or “lost” since the race for the White House began? Here’s a look at the balance sheet.

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