Christine MacLeod of Eastern Massachusetts Girl Scout Troop 71911, sells cookies at the Harvard Square subway stop (Photo by Ann Hermes/The Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images)
Christian Science Monitor—Christian Science Monitor/Getty
By Alicia Adamczyk
November 6, 2015

Back in my days as a Girl Scout, you could treat yourself to a box of Thin Mints or better still (don’t tell me otherwise) Samoas for just $2.50 a box. And it was quite a lucrative business: Trips with my troop to the Grand Canyon and the Henry Ford Museum were bankrolled through stellar cookie sales.

But the days of $2.50 Girl Scout cookies are long gone. In February, the price was raised to $4 a box from $3.50, a lamentable but still manageable increase. Now, councils in California and Massachusetts have confirmed another increase, TIME reports, to $5 — a full 25% raise. As someone who struggled with the $4 payout, this comes as distressing news (thankfully councils in New York appear to be holding firm at February prices).

Still, if it enables more girls to experience the majesty of the Grand Canyon, it’s hard to complain. My freezer will still become home to a few boxes as soon as Cookie Season starts in New York in just 35 days.

What about you? Will the increase affect your Tagalong intake?

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