Apple Music became the latest streaming service to offer a student discount.
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By Kerry Close
May 6, 2016

On Friday, Apple Music became the latest music streaming service to throw students a bone and offer them sizable discounts for listening to their favorite tunes.

Apple will begin offering college students a discounted membership to its unlimited music streaming service for $4.99, a 50% cut from its regular monthly rate of $9.99. Students must be enrolled in an eligible college or university to receive the discount, and the rate will apply for four years after sign-up.

Even better, those four years do not need to be continuous: If a student takes a year off, he or she can sign up for the discount again upon returning to school. The promotion is also available to graduate students.

Like many consumer brands, music services have a big incentive to get college students interested in their products early on. As freshmen living away from home, this is the first time that many students will be developing lasting brand affinity. Streaming services are hoping to get them hooked on their products early on, so it makes smart business sense to make the barrier to entry a little cheaper.

Here are three other music services that also offer discounts to college students:

1. Spotify offers students its Premium service for $4.99 a month, a 50% discount of its regular monthly price of $9.99. Spotify Premium is ad-free and also allows users to take songs off-line while listening on their mobile device so they don’t eat up their data. The service is available for 12 consecutive months for students who can prove they are enrolled students.

2. Through Amazon Student, which costs $49 annually, students are able to receive the benefits of Amazon Prime membership (which regularly costs $99 each year). For music lovers, Prime provides unlimited, ad-free access to more than one million songs and thousands of playlists and stations. Other Prime perks include instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV episodes, as well as two-day shipping on millions of Items sold on the site. What’s more, students get to try out Prime for free for six months, whereas the normal free-trial period for new Amazon Prime subscribers is limited to just 30 days.

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3. Tidal—the streaming service launched by Jay Z that has exclusively streamed releases from artists like Kanye West and Beyonce—also offers a student rate of 50% off the typical $9.99 monthly rate. One stipulation is that the price cut is only available to students in the United States. Find instructions on how to register for the discount here.

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