The dashboard of a Tesla with autopilot.
David Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images
By Ethan Wolff-Mann
July 11, 2016

Tesla’s Model S autopilot feature has faced criticism since a fatal crash in May, when the car’s system apparently failed to spot the white side of a large semi-trailer. A second crash on July 1 by a Model X, reported by CNN Money, put the system under even more scrutiny, and now someone has reported yet another autopilot crash.

In the Tesla Motor Club driver forum, a user called “Eresan” posted about a friend getting into a bad crash in Montana and blamed autopilot. The pictures posted show a very beat-up car.

“It was late at night, Autopilot did not detect a wood stake on the road, hit more than 20 wood stakes, tire on front passenger side and lights flyed [sic] away,” the friend wrote, noting that autopilot was enabled at 60 mph in a 55 mph zone. “His car is completely destroyed.”

Both passengers survived.

According to Elektrek, a website covering electric transportation, Tesla’s automatic steering feature is only recommended on roads with center dividers.

Asked about the incident, Tesla responded to MONEY in an email, “We’re looking into it. Thanks.”

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