By Kerry Close
November 28, 2016

Jill Stein could raise twice as much money in her effort to recount election votes than she did during her own failed presidential bid.

The Green Party candidate has already raised $6.3 million to recount election votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, according to her campaign website. She’s within striking distance of her goal of $7 million and has far exceeded the $3.5 million she raised during her presidential campaign.

Stein claims that the voting process was hampered by “cyber hacking,” though she has not provided any evidence to back up her claims. A recount would be unlikely to benefit Stein—who did not win a single state in the election—directly. However, one law professor told the Associated Press that her effort could help her build a larger donor list that she could use if she ever decided to run again. Stein says any excess money she raises for the recount effort will then be donated to a charity or a political party.

Stein’s efforts are driven by millions of dissatisfied Hillary Clinton voters, who welcome a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania—states that Clinton thought she would likely win. President-elect Donald Trump won all three, propelling him to the White House.



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