By Lucinda Shen
January 17, 2017

Buyers hoping to say they own a chunk of Donald Trump‘s childhood will have just over an hour to put in their bid for the president-elect’s home when he was just a little one.

The 5-bedroom, 4-and-a-half bath home in Jamaica Estates, New York, that once housed the president-elect is being auctioned off by Paramount Realty USA. Hopeful buyers must submit their bids by 4 p.m. Tuesday.

The home, built by Donald Trump’s father around 1940, housed the president-elect from birth to four years of age, according to the New York Times.

The value of the property is quoted at $1 million plus, according to the owner of Paramount Reality USA, Misha Haghani in a phone interview with Money. Though he added that estimate doesn’t include the value of the property’s history.

“Some industry experts have valued it at $3-10 million,” he said. Though Haghani added that he would be shocked to see anything on the upper end of that range. Instead, he’s expecting to see the property sold around $2-4 million.

“The value of the property is intangible,” he said. “Its worth is up to the bidder to tell us.”

Haghani could not reveal how many bidders had already put their names down for the property, nor how much had been offered.

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